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Happy New Year & UITP Update

Dear Unique IT Pro family,

As 2023 comes to an end, I can't help but think about all that not only this year, but the entire decade has brought to us, (UITP 10 Years old).

From successes to failures, from new relationships to long forgotten ones, we have all grown, prospered and become who we are today.

With 2024, we have an opportunity to turn the page onto a blank slate and write the story we want to. It's time to start fresh and drive harder than we ever have. It's time we work together to bring growth and success all around.

Join me in raising this glass to all the incredible surprises the new year and the new decade has in-store!

Cheers to an unforgettable 2024 🥂 !

**UITP News: 2023 Rewind & Exciting News for a Secure 2024!**

As the clock ticks down on 2023, I wanted to take a moment to thank you – clients and contractors alike – for being part of our incredible journey. This year, we've seen tremendous growth and achieved new milestones together.

Here are a few things I'm particularly excited about:

Giving back to our community: We're launching an exclusive employee program offering discounted services to your employees and their families. It's our way of showing appreciation for your trust and supporting your team's well-being.

Going green for a brighter future: We're committed to sustainability. For every extended warranty purchased or system recycled in 2024, we'll plant a tree. Let's join forces to make a greener future for everyone!

Securing your future: Cyber threats are evolving, and so are we. Our Advanced Cybersecurity 2024 package brings comprehensive protection, including cell phone malware shields and Zero Trust VPN solutions. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your business safe.

Compliance made easy: Introducing our new Compliance as a Service offering! We'll take the hassle out of navigating complex regulations like PCI and HIPAA, ensuring your peace of mind.

As we gear up for 2024, we're dedicated to providing exceptional service, innovative solutions, and unwavering support. Let's start the new year strong with complete backup, top-notch support, and rock-solid security for your business and family.

We can't wait to achieve even greater things together in 2024! To learn more about any of these exciting initiatives, don't hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


Daniel Velez, CEO of Unique IT Pro, Embraces AI Insights, Halloween Fun, and MSP Recognition at Channel Futures Miami Event

Daniel Velez, the visionary CEO of Unique IT Pro, embarked on an exhilarating journey at the Channel Futures Miami event on October 31st and November 1st. Amidst an array of enlightening breakout sessions, Daniel delved into the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (A.I) to enhance services, explored the realm of compliance-as-a-service, and discovered ways to improve his virtual Chief Security Officer offering.

However, the event wasn't just about business; Halloween night saw Channel Futures hosting a spirited costume party at the vibrant LV Nightclub in the heart of Fontainebleau, Miami. Known as a cyberhero in the industry, Daniel delighted attendees by donning a Batman costume, surprising colleagues from ThreatLocker and adding an unforgettable twist to the festivities.

The following day, the gala celebrated the crème de la crème of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) worldwide. Among the luminaries, Unique IT Pro received prestigious recognition, securing its well-deserved place on the revered Next Gen 101 list. The accolade was a testament to Daniel and his team's unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech sphere.

Beyond the accolades and revelry, Daniel seized the opportunity to network with industry peers, sharing insights and experiences while forging valuable connections. The event culminated in an engaging visit to the Kaseya office in Miami, where Daniel met his dedicated Kaseya representatives and gained insights into the company's cutting-edge operations.

Reflecting on the Miami sojourn, Daniel Velez encapsulated the experience as an exciting blend of learning, networking, and recognition. The event offered a perfect convergence of innovation, celebration, and camaraderie, leaving Daniel invigorated and inspired to continue steering Unique IT Pro towards new heights in the tech industry.

Stay tuned for more adventures and groundbreaking insights from Daniel Velez and Unique IT Pro as they continue to lead the charge in cybersecurity and business technology!

This playful news report captures the excitement of Daniel's experience at the Channel Futures Miami event, blending business insights with the spirited Halloween festivities and industry recognition.


Daniel Velez Delivers Compelling Insights on AI and Cyber Threats at Business Professionals Power Team Event

At the recent Business Professionals Power Team event held in Cortlandt Manor, NY, Daniel Velez, the esteemed founder, and owner of Unique IT Pro, captivated the audience as the keynote speaker. Renowned for pioneering advancements in cybersecurity and business technology, Daniel's expertise garnered attention as he addressed two critical topics: "A.I.: Friend or Foe" and "The Evolution of Ongoing Cyber Threats Over the Last 20 Years."

Daniel Velez, a recipient of the prestigious Channel Futures NextGen 101 award three times, leads Unique IT Pro, a trailblazing force in managed services and technology solutions. With a rich career spanning over 24 years, Daniel's passion for sharing industry insights and cutting-edge solutions shone through during his engaging presentation.

During the event, Daniel explored the complex dynamics of artificial intelligence, examining its potential benefits and challenges across industries. His thought-provoking insights delved into the evolving role of AI and its implications for businesses in today's landscape.

Additionally, Daniel shed light on the ever-evolving realm of cyber threats, drawing from his extensive experience to elucidate the transformations witnessed over the past two decades. He navigated through the historical shifts, uncovering the current threat landscape and imparting valuable strategies to fortify against emerging risks.

As the audience welcomed Daniel Velez to the stage, they were treated to an enlightening discourse that bridged the gap between cutting-edge technology, cybersecurity, and pragmatic business solutions.

Daniel Velez's address at the Business Professionals Power Team event not only reaffirmed his standing as a visionary leader but also provided attendees with actionable insights crucial for navigating the evolving technological landscape.

About Daniel Velez and Unique IT Pro

Daniel Velez, with his firm Unique IT Pro, continues to redefine industry standards, driving innovation and growth within the tech channel. His commitment to providing groundbreaking solutions in cybersecurity and managed services has earned him recognition as a distinguished leader in the field. Through his invaluable expertise and dedication, Daniel remains a guiding force for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of technology and security.


UITP named to the 2023 Channel Futures NextGen 101!

2023 Channel Futures NextGen 101 Announced and on the list is yours truly Daniel Velez with Unique IT Pro.

For the third straight year they have made the list as they continue to provide Cybersecurity guidance and protection to small and medium size businesses across the US.

Daniel Velez: “Honored to 3-peat on the NextGen 101, Special thanks to my clients, team, and partnering vendors”.

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UITP at Zero Trust World 2023

Unique IT Pro was in full force at this year's Zero Trust World, learning to think like a hacker and how to allow what clients need and block everything else, including ransomware.

Now is the time to get your cybersecurity consulting session with Danny and Kat!

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UITP is now partnered with Augmentt!

Unique IT Pro (UITP), a leading IT service provider for small-to-mid-sized organizations, announced the launch of its partnership with Ottawa-based Augmentt Technology® Inc., enabling UITP to offer smart, affordable SaaS management services to customers.

Augmentt's platform was designed to help MSPs understand their clients' SaaS usage, optimize spend, enforce security policies, streamline operations, and make better SaaS decisions, explains Derik Belair, Augmentt Co-Founder and CEO.

With 40% of software spending going to Shadow IT and 30% of cyber security attacks stemming from unapproved SaaS applications, the need for SaaS management is critical.

With the growing reliance on SaaS across our clients' business operations, we understood SaaS management was an essential need for our customers, said Daniel Velez, CEO of Unique IT Pro. We are thrilled to have found the right technology partner to help us provide a smart, affordable solution for our customers, he added.

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UITP is now Vonage Verified!

As of November 2022, UITP has become Vonage Verified! Unique IT Pro is available for your business and consumer Vonage needs.


SuperbCrew interviews UITP's Daniel Velez!

The business news community website SuperbCrew has recently interviewed UITP's own Daniel Velez. SuperbCrew covers innovative companies, sharing news, experience, and knowledge from the tech and business world, along with connecting innovative companies and journalists.

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UITP's Daniel Velez interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine!

UITP is honored to have CEOCFO Magazine reach out and interview our own Daniel Velez, published in their latest September 2022 online issue.

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UITP named to the 2022 Channel Futures NextGen 101!

The Channel Futures NextGen 101 honors industry-leading managed services and technology providers who are driving a new wave of growth and innovation for the tech channel via the groundbreaking solutions they deliver for their customers. This list features those companies that hold great promise given the leading-edge information technology and communication solutions they offer.

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UITP Was at Zero Trust World 2022

Zero Trust World 2022, Let us handle your cybersecurity before your world turns upside down!

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UITP named to the 2021 Channel Futures NextGen 101!

The Channel Futures NextGen 101 honors industry-leading managed services and technology providers who are driving a new wave of growth and innovation for the tech channel via the groundbreaking solutions they deliver for their customers. This list features those companies that hold great promise given the leading-edge information technology and communication solutions they offer.

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Alignable announces UITP's Daniel Velez as a 2021 Local Business Person of the Year!

I am very honored that my peers voted for me. At Unique IT Pro, we are not only your traditional computer support and web design organization, but also cybersecurity and telecommunication experts as well. I know we have services and products that you should be using in today's digital world, and we are grateful should you choose Unique as your provider.


Daniel Velez

CEO, Unique IT Pro


Unique IT Pro named one of the top MSPs in the world!

We're incredibly proud to announce that Unique IT Pro has been named as one of the world's premier managed service providers to the prestigious 2020 Channel Futures’ MSP 501 rankings, the most comprehensive list of IT pros acknowledging the top managed service providers in the world.

Thank you to each and every one of our customers for helping us achieve this tremendous accomplishment. To be named to this list is a great honor, and we are grateful to be included.

Don’t let IT eat up your time, money, and energy. Learn how to take care of your tech needs the right way and see for yourself what put us on the MSP 501 Ranking.


The year is 2020. Keep your employees safe with Defendry.

Keeping your employees safe is your top priority, both online and in the real world. In fact, it’s exactly why the folks at Defendry are offering training for active shooter situations.

Defendry’s team is made up of innovators, engineers, and scientists who are driven to provide affordable, sophisticated products that can help solve the tragic epidemic of gun violence. Interested? Learn more about Unique IT Pro’s partnership with Defendry.


Product Spotlight: Sentinel One

Since safety is the name of the game these days, we can’t recommend SentinelOne enough. We’ve been using SentinelOne as our go-to endpoint security system for a long time, and we’re thrilled; the autonomous platform continuously defeats attacks before they even happen. The best part? Now you can try SentinelOne for completely free.


For more information, contact Unique IT Pro today!